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"The authentic logo idea comes from our organization's values: we are a flexible, vivid team with up-to-date technology, know-how, and motivation to provide various solutions for different scale biomass-to-energy plants. The orange color symbolizes flame from the biomass combustion process, and grey is the ashes - all that is left after combustion. As a flame becomes ashes and waste becomes renewable energy - Energy On in pursuit for sustainable future."

- Giedrius Vaitkevičius, the founder of Energy ON. 

Image by Matthew Henry

We all need our energy on: people for a living and businesses to maintain their processes. But what power sources do we really need today in a world that is tired of pollution, climate crises, and growing energy prices? We need sustainable energy solutions from local resources and environmentally friendly ways to produce heating and electrical power. 


We need low-carbon renewable biomass energy from waste which is a vital part of the energy transition satisfying public policies, government incentives, and growing consumer demand. 

The company Energy ON comes from Lithuania - a small European country with a high demand for heating energy. Our country is in the TOP 10 counties in Europe that get power from renewables. Historically the first projects of biomass energy were developed since Lithuania's independence in 1990. Now Lithuania has more than 30% of country land covered with forest, which allows us to use wood waste as a renewable fuel for heating and electrical energy. This sustainable energy source is used not only for citizens' energy demands but also in different industries and provides the capability to have cheaper, cleaner and independent energy.

Image by Aleksas Stan

Energy ON has an energetic team of pure biomass energy professionals who has extensive experience of over 20 years in this field. Our people provide solutions for high-potential biomass energy equipment, specialized efficiency solutions, and emissions control projects for a wide range of industries. 


Our team is committed to a sustainable world and client benefits. We turn on renewable energy for cities and businesses aimed at reducing pollution by empowering our knowledge and experience with the latest technological breakthroughs.

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